Your Name in the Movie

I decided to play a little game on Facebook to come up with the two names for characters that die in the movie. If you want to play along, click this link or click the picture below.

The game runs until February 29th. The two people with the most likes on their comment will get a character named after them and have their name listed in the credits.
Image for Who wants to die in the movie?Here’s the NO COST way you can help us make the movie.

Please click this link before you shop on and I will receive a small commission on everything you buy in the form of an Amazon Gift Card Credit – everything raised will go directly towards purchasing the equipment and supplies we need to make the movie this summer. Clicking this link doesn’t cost you anything and the price of what you’re buying will not change, but you’ll be helping us make Dead Hunt in a big way.

Not shopping on Amazon? That’s okay, join our Facebook Group and follow me on Twitter, then Like and Share my posts and help us spread the word about the movie. On behalf of everyone at Dead Hunt, THANK YOU.

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