Wade Adams

Full Name: Wade Barrett Adams
Hometown: Dalby, Queensland, Australia

Read the “Auditioning for Wade” section if you are interested in playing this character.


Wade attended grade 11 in Glace Bay High as a foreign exchange student where he met and became friends with Michael Blackwood and Paul Connors. At the end of the school year he went back to Australia to graduate then returned to Canada the following year on a work visa. He currently works at a call center as a technical support agent for a major telecommunications company and has applied for a Canadian citizenship.

His home town of Dalby is located in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia, and has a population of approximately 12,000.


Interested in dating Emma Creignish.


“Boss wanted me to work so I had to chuck a sickie.”
“Instead of standing there grinning like a dill, go grab the tinnies.”


Wade’s middle name, Barrett, is named after the song Barrett’s Privateers by Canadian singer-songwriter, Stan Rogers.

Aussie’s don’t really say “G’day Mate.” – they say “G’day” and they say “Mate” a lot, but they rarely say them together.

Auditioning for Wade

The role of Wade was written to be an Australian, which means if you get the role you will be taught how to speak with a proper Australian accent. Kenn will work with you to develop the basic Aussie accent, then through Skype you’ll be working with Mat, our dialect coach in Australia, to go over your lines so he can help you fine-tune your accent.


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