Robin Heslin

Dead HuntFull Name: Robin Heslin
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland


Robin is the 12-year-old daughter of Patrick Heslin.

So as not to give away too much of the story we will not be telling you very much about Robin’s character other than to say she has a key role. The cover of the novel features an image of Robin – that’s how important her character is to the story.


Auditioning for the role of Robin

If you are considering auditioning for the role of Robin (or you are contacting us so your daughter can audition) please keep in mind that you do not have to match Robin’s age or description from the novel exactly. Casting will be open to anyone aged 9-12. If you are a little older but look younger than your age you are welcome to audition. We may consider someone younger than 9 but please keep in mind that Robin has a fair amount of dialog so you will be required to memorize and perform several lines at a time. You will not have any long monologues, nor do you need to speak with an Irish accent, but you should have good enunciation.

Robin does sing a few lines but having a great singing voice is not a requirement. We can overdub the singing with someone else’s voice if needed, but you must have a clear speaking voice.


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