Michael Blackwood

Full Name: Michael James Blackwood
Hometown: Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada


Michael graduated from Glace Bay High as Valedictorian with top honors in English, Math, History, Biology and Computer Sciences. He was President of the Computer Club, the Science Club, the A/V Club and Editor for the school newspaper. An Avid photographer, Michael built his own darkroom at age 14 before making the switch to digital SLR. He shoots with a Nikon Camera.

Michael is currently attending Cape Breton University (CBU) to earn his Masters in Education.


Single. He’s been in love with Lucy Catalone since they were kids.


“We’ve got bigger problems right now than your stupid jealousy!”
“I’m not an expert on drugs, but I’m pretty sure stoners don’t get the munchies for human flesh.”


In the original novel (published in 2010), Michael stands up to the relentless bullying of Paul Connors and is humiliated for his defiance. Despite having the wind knocked out of him and being no match for the much larger Paul, Wade Adams had to physically restrain Michael to keep him from getting back up so he didn’t get seriously hurt.

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