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If you have been following us on our Facebook Group you’ve probably heard that Dead Hunt went viral for a while gaining over 16,000 website hits and more than 450 requests to be involved in the movie from people of all ages, but there was a bit of confusion in regards to the ages of the main characters.

In the novel the main characters are in their teens. For the movie I listed their ages as nineteen and older because it was not intended to be a teen movie, but due to the overwhelming response I received from actors aged fifteen to seventeen, I temporarily removed all references to ages while we considered the possibility of dropping the ages to match the original novel.

I talked about this to my team and the final decision did not come lightly, but ultimately it will be best for the movie and for the viewing audience if we do not lower the ages. I realize some of you may be disappointed but we are working on a plan to utilize as many extras and zombies as possible so teenage actors can still be in the movie.

I updated this page to show the age “range” of the characters but please keep in mind that it’s just a guideline – if the character is listed as age 19-25 and you are a little older you can still audition. Remember, Michael J Fox was 29 years old and still playing a teenager in the “Back to the Future” movies. How old a character “looks” and how old the actor really is are not necessarily the same thing. This also means that if you’re a little younger but look to be in the right age group you can still audition.

The following characters have speaking roles

Some of the characters have Wiki profiles. Click their name to read each character’s description. Future updates will add more character profiles.

Lucy Catalone (age range: 19-25)

Michael Blackwood (age range: 19-25)

Paul Connors (age range: 19-25)

Wade Adams (age range: 19-25)

Emma Creignish (age range: 19-25)

Lauren Bucklaw (age range: 19-25)

Professor Heslin (age range: 40+)

Robin (age range: 9-12)

The Hitchhiker (Played by John Curtis Sampson)

Derrick Roberts (as himself)

Cheyenne Madison (25+)

Frankie Cooke (as himself)

Andy the Hunter (20+)

News Anchor Clay Buffer (Played by Dave Desveaux)

Mr. Catalone (age range: 40+)

Mrs. Catalone (age range: 40+)

Mrs. MacDonald (Played by Kim Stoodley)

Ceilidh Girl (Played by Isabelle Osmond)

Ceilidh Boy (age range: 7-12)

Ceilidh Singer (14+)

Soldier #1 (age range: 19+)

Soldier #2 (age range: 19+)

Driver (age range: 30+)

Investor #1 (age range: 25+)

Investor #2 (age range: 25+)

Investor #3 (age range: 25+)

Investor #4 (age range: 25+)

Investor #5 (age range: 25+)

Investor #6 (age range: 25+)


The Ceilidh scene will requires at least half a dozen adult background actors as well as teenagers and a few younger children.

Half a dozen or more soldiers will be needed.

Zombies… oh yeah, they’ll be quite a few of them. The team and I are working out the details at how we can get lots and lots… and lots of zombies.

Ceilidh Zombie Girl (Kaleah DeCoste)

Zombie girl on the road (Braelyn DeCoste)

And there’s lots more zombies to come. We even have a couple of “Special Guest” zombies too but shhhh, it’s a secret. I don’t want to spoil the surprise.  🙂


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