How do you like your Zombies?

Zombie by Mark ScottFrom novels and short stories to indie films and Hollywood features, zombies have captured our imagination, and they come in two basic varieties – slow and steady or fast and furious. But which do you prefer?

I love a good story and movies are my favorite medium, so I’ve watched a lot of zombie movies. Some were great while others just failed to impress. I don’t particularly like the comedies. That being said, Shawn of the Dead was a funny movie, but that’s the exception to the rule. Most of the ones I’ve seen that attempted to be funny just couldn’t pull it off and the movie came across as amateurish and poorly executed, if not downright stupid.

I’ve watched some low-budget flicks with bad acting that were still interesting because it had a good story, and when all is said and done, that’s what matters – the story. I’ve always said that vampire stories were about vampires, but zombie stories were about the survivors and how they deal with each other during the zombie threat.

Classic zombies are mindless, walking feeding machines. They can’t move very fast and don’t even know how to open a door, but they still manage to wreak havoc. Some people dislike the ‘old school’ zombies because their sluggish nature doesn’t seem to be that much of a threat. They prefer the more modern, fast-moving zombies.

I rather the slow and steady kind because they’re an omnipresent threat – they may not be able to catch you, but they never tire and they just keep coming. Sometimes they’re just shambling around aimlessly, other times they’re lurking in the shadows like a Venus flytrap waiting for its next meal. Either way, the minute you lose focus, slow down or give up, you die. If you get too comfortable in your fortified lair, become too confident or make a simple mistake, you die. With slow-moving zombies death is often the result of human error, and that’s why I prefer slow-moving zombies over their faster counterparts. You always have a fighting chance, but you have to fight. You have to adapt and you must make hard decisions just to survive.

Fast moving zombies on the other hand are not much different than a pack of starving wolves or any other predator en mass. The fact that it’s a zombie outbreak is almost irrelevant, any hungry carnivore will do and almost tell a similar tale, and you really don’t have much of a fighting chance other than to try and get out of it’s way and hope they didn’t see you. Living or dying often depends on luck and circumstance.

If you walk around a corner or into a building and a hundred walkers see you, run like hell and you just might live to see another day. If it’s a hundred runners, game over. I really enjoyed movies like 28 Days Later, it was a great story, but at the end of the day I still find the classic, slow moving zombie to be a scarier threat.

Imagine seeing one walking towards you… you open fire, shooting holes in it, but it just keeps walking. It is slow, methodical, and always walking directly towards you. That’s more intense and unnerving to watch on screen than something running down its prey like a hungry lion… but maybe that’s just me.

What type of zombie do you prefer and why?

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