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This month I finished the final draft of DEAD HUNT and then the real work began – doing the first pass at breaking it down. Here’s a great video by Andrew Spieler, the 1st Assistant Director of RocketJump Film School, explaining how to break down the script.

Just on the first pass it’s amazing how quickly those “little things” add up, as well as the bigger things, like vehicles. For DEAD HUNT we need a van that seats six, a Harley-Davidson, a Jeep, a smart car, a taxi and a nondescript car – and they’re just the vehicles that move. In one key scene there’s several army trucks and the road is littered with abandoned cars. I’m going to be calling on family, friends and friends-of-friends to bring their cars to the set for that scene.

Saying I’m going to beg and borrow whatever I can to shoot the movie doesn’t mean much if I don’t know what I have to beg and borrow – doing a script breakdown lets me see exactly what we’re going to need to get this movie off the written page and on the big screen.

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