Say Hello to our Zombies

Zombie by Mark ScottWe’ve all watched cheesy zombie flicks with crappy looking zombies, corny fake blood and goofy-looking gore. I’m sure you’ll agree it completely ruined the story. What could have been a scary film quickly turned into a bad comedy. Ironically, zombies are fake – they just can’t look fake.

From the very beginning of this project the zombies were a major concern of mine. They had to look good. I knew it didn’t matter how great the story was or how talented the actors were, if the zombies looked bad we were dead in the water.

That’s why I’m excited to announce that Mark “Smashbox” Scott is coming on board to do the Special FX Makeup for Dead Hunt.

Both of the zombies pictured here were created by Mark. The B&W image is actually a pic of Mark with zombie makeup that he applied to himself. Needless to say, I can breathe a lot easier now knowing the zombies are in Mark’s capable hands.

Zombie by Mark Scott


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