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“When Kenn Crawford asks you to do a shoot about zombies with blood, a machete and a pretty model, you say: Sign me up.”

And so begins Warren Verity’s description of the recent photo shoot he and model Dani McDonnor did to create the promo poster for Dead Hunt. Describing their experience Warren went on to say:

“Dani and I had one of the most fun shoots ever. By the end of the shoot I had more blood on me than she did. While shooting we had a few passerby’s, and by the looks we received I thought for sure we would have the police turning up… and I wouldn’t blame them.”

That made me smile. Not because cops might have shown up with guns drawn, but a while back I did a photo shoot under a bridge with the model playing dead and me standing over her with a gun. We received a few strange looks as well so I can imagine how it must have looked to strangers out for a pleasant stroll that stumbled upon a scratched and bloodied girl wielding a giant, blood-soaked machete. That would stop anyone in their tracks. But as scary as that scene may look, it is one that Warren has been thinking about recreating for quite some time.

“When I first listened to the Dead Hunt audio book I knew I just had to shoot this scene, even if it was just a ‘fan’ shoot. The way Kenn created a perfect image in my mind with his book really inspired the creativity in me. With the fake blood we made, a machete, a torn shirt and a fog machine, Dani and I set off on our adventure.

“On location Dani got right into character – the poor victim who  is tired, scratched up, all cried out and just trying to survive… but when she looks over her shoulder she’s being followed by a horde of zombies. We didn’t use zombies for this shoot but Dani makes you believe it’s real… that the horde really is coming for her! She’s an awesome model and creative and I loved working with her on this project.”

Dani echoed his passion to recreate the opening scene from the novel and upcoming movie when she described the experience as: “This shoot was an absolute adventure. I learned how to make fake blood! The weather was cold and the fake blood was sticky, but we had a fantastic time with the different scenery, all the while discussing the movie and characters. It was a wonderful set to be a part of.”

I’m glad they had so much fun, and that the police never did show up. The images Warren sent me shows the level of professionalism and care they both put into the project and I couldn’t be happier with the final results. In a future update I’ll share some behind-the-scenes images taken during the shoot. On behalf of everyone at Dead Hunt, THANK YOU Warren and Dani for all your hard work and dedication – the poster looks amazing!

I’ve always been a fan of Warren’s incredible photography, you can see more of his amazing work by visiting his Facebook page. And what more is there to say about the beautiful and talented model who gives 110%, but to tell you to visit Dani’s Facebook page and see for yourself. Don’t forget to like their page and tell them Kenn says hi.

Here’s a larger view of the incredible poster. Thanks guys, I love it.

Dead Hunt Promo Poster. Full size


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  1. Hi, I am a songwriter and I write custom songs and custom music. I was wonder if you might require an original song or music for the credit at the end of your film/production. You can listen to my songs at:
    If you are interested please let me know. Thanks Stephen

    • Kenn says:

      I will forward your request to our composer and we will review your music.
      If we require anything someone will be in touch.
      Thank you.

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