Coming the Fall of 2016

Dead Hunt movie posterThe story you know and love is in the Pre-production stage of becoming a feature-length movie!

Did you know DEAD HUNT was originally a screenplay?

It was around 2007 when I started writing a screenplay for a zombie movie. It was originally only going to be short film we could shoot over a weekend, but the story seemed to take on a life of it’s own and grew into something much larger – a full length feature that contained some wonderful and poignant scenes that I simply could not safely or financially shoot.

For three years the screenplay sat untouched. Silent. A nagging sensation of regret followed me throughout the years – I had what I believed was a great story but no way to tell it. Then I discovered author-produced audio books.

I rewrote the screenplay as a novel and DEAD HUNT debuted in 2010 in print and as a full-cast audio book, earning more than 88,000 downloads in the first four months. Five years later it still averages more than 1, 300 downloaded episodes every month. That is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, but the desire to film it was still haunting me.

In 2015, just a few days before Christmas, I remembered something my grandfather  told me before he passed away: “The worst feeling you will ever have is being on your death-bed with your music still in you.” I still had music in me – and my song was filming Dead Hunt.

I’ve been working on it every day since.

This website will be a record of our journey from Script to Screen. It’s a little empty right now because our journey is just beginning. Pictures, videos and updates will be added. There’s a ton of things that need to happen during the Pre-Production stage to make this movie a reality. But the first step – the most important step – is writing the screenplay.

The complete outline has been created highlighting all the scenes, and I have 66 pages written. A typical screenplay is 90-120 pages. A properly formatted screenplay usually equates to one minute of screen time per page. So I’m just over an hour into the movie. Of course, the second and third draft will see things changed around as I fine-tune the screenplay.

In the meantime, check out our CREW Page to see who already joined our project, and we have a CAST page that will be updated with character roles and a casting call when we reach that stage of the process. Right now it’s all about writing the great script, lining up a crew, and getting the required equipment. Thanks for joining me on this journey.


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  1. Randall says:

    Wow, so pumped about all of this, and so very happy for you bro. I just know this is going to be successful, because you just don’t ever quit trying to one-up yourself, and you always manage to do so, with style. You’re one very resourceful and persistent mofo, a freight train of ideas, tearing up the track, and right through anything that stands in your way… you’re an impressive cat, to say the least. Best of luck to you, my friend. If I can be of assistance in any way, you know where to reach me.

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