Filming Cape Breton

photo of Renwick Park, Glace Bay954671_185418634970220_1286022079_n556320_185454031633347_994479495_nAlong the Eastern edge of Canada where it touches the Atlantic Ocean lies the windblown province of Nova Scotia. Cape Breton is an island off the coast, a picturesque slice of the Maritimes rooted deep in coal mining history.

The rugged coastlines and rolling hills paint a gorgeous backdrop for creatives and viewers alike, making Cape Breton the ideal location to film a movie… but I certainly won’t be the first to use this exquisite location.

My Bloody Valentine (1981), The Bay Boy (1984), Margaret’s Museum (1995), New Waterford Girl (1999) and Marion Bridge (2002) were all filmed here right on the island. Several documentaries and the TV series The Pit Pony (1997) were shot here as well.

The original screenplay and the Dead Hunt novel feature several locations throughout Cape Breton with the bulk of the story taking place in Margaree. I grew up in Glace Bay and spent my summers in Margaree so I wrote what I knew best – my island. In fact, I wrote the entire novel while I was staying at my cottage in Margaree.

The movie adaptation of the novel starts in good ol’ Glace Bay, while the majority of the film will be shot in Loch Lomond and surrounding areas. If you could shoot a movie or short film anywhere on the island, where would you shoot?

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  1. Tim Rains says:

    I have to say that Cape Breton is now number 3 on my bucket list of places to see before I die.

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