The Dead Hunt Crew

Dead Hunt movie posterThe Dead Hunt crew is growing and I am humbled by the support. We have a lot of talented people helping us make the movie this summer and I will be forever in their debt. We still have room for more crew members so Contact Us for more information.

A little about me, Kenn Crawford: I am an author, songwriter and photographer. I wrote the original “Dead Hunt” and I produced the full-cast audio book version of the novel. I worked as the audio editor on a couple of other audio books and edited various video projects.

Cheyenne Amero has joined the team as our Locations Manager. Thanks to her we will have access to roughly 200 acres of private property as well as the Community Center which is critical for a key scene. Cheyenne is also part of the Casting Team and is a co-moderator of the Dead Hunt Facebook Group.

Baillie Ferguson joins the crew in the role of Key Hair & Makeup. Baillie is a licensed Hairdresser and has studied Theatre Production for six years in post-secondary education. In the past four years Baillie has been doing Hair and Make-up for a variety of productions at the Savoy Theatre, the Highland Arts Theatre, and the Boardmore Playhouse at Cape Breton University. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a big fan of zombies and obsessed with the Walking Dead.

Brett Holmes is the owner of Tarpond Productions and joins the crew as our Special Effects Supervisor. Read more about Brett in this post.

Mark Scott is the owner and operator of Smashbox Studios and I’m pleased to announce that he will be heading up our Special FX Makeup team. I’m relieved our zombies will be in Mark’s capable hands.

Lyn Day has joined the crew to head up the wardrobe department. She’s the owner of Sunshine Play Care and Dayly Events, and she’s worked on numerous costumes over the years including CaperCon. She’s studied Retail Fashion & Merchandising, costuming and how to understand the psychology behind a costumed character, and how to apply that personality to the costume and then bring it to life.

Gregory Cain will be our Music Composer. Some of Gregory’s work can be heard on the DEAD HUNT audio book. He has 9 CDs to his credit and a world of experience as a studio musician, band member and composer. I am grateful to have him on board as our film composer.

Steve Osmond (Cpl. Ret.)  joins the Dead Hunt team as our Military Adviser. Steve will be instrumental in making sure our “military” not only look the part, but they walk the walk and talk the talk. When he’s not putting the actors through boot camp, Steve will be heading up set security.

Derrick Roberts is a former police officer and will be helping out with Security during the shoot along with Ryan Doucette.

Elizabeth Crawford is an experienced restaurant manager and cook who has worked in multiple restaurants in Ontario and Nova Scotia. Elizabeth will be in charge of our craft services. It’s no big secret that a well-fed cast & crew is a happy cast & crew, and when you eat her cooking, y’all gonna be happy she’s the one feeding you.

Richard Dean is a local photographer and will be working as our set photographer. I’ve worked with Richard on a couple of photoshoots and I’m pleased to have him on board.

Mat Dolton from Brisbane, Australia, is our Dialect Coach to make sure the actor portraying our Aussie character is using a proper Australian accent.

Andrew Parland is building the infamous cryo-chamber as well as any other special builds that may arise during the shoot.

Warren Verity is an Art Director & Fine Art Photographer from Tennessee. Warren will be photographing and designing some of our movie posters with model Danielle McDonnor.

Story Consultants

Randall Carruthers, Mark Berry, Mark Prestash, Ian Rutter and Mat Dolton have been helping me fine-tune the screenplay.  It may sound a bit weird to have story consultants when I am the author of the DEAD HUNT novel, but as many of you know, the movie is never the same as the book.

For logistical and financial reasons some scenes cannot be filmed on an small, independent budget. Those cut scenes have to be replaced, plus we’re shooting on the other side of the island from where the original story takes place. Adding in the new locations and scenes while trying to stay true to the original story line will be challenge, and these guys are helping me keep it real.

Ian Rutter and Mark Berry are accomplished writers and Mark Prestash has been a huge help when DEAD HUNT debuted, and he hosted the wrap-up episode of the audio book. Randall Carruthers was instrumental in helping me find plot holes in the original novel, and he has volunteered to help out with some of our transportation needs during the shoot. Mat Dolton has helped m get past some major plot issues when we changed shooting locations and has been a huge help these past few months.

Help Support the Film for $0

If you plan on shopping on Amazon, you can help us out by first clicking this link before you make your purchase on Amazon. When you do I will receive a small commission on everything you purchase but it won’t cost you a penny! I am set up to have all commissions come in the form of an Amazon Gift Card Credit so everything earned will go directly towards purchasing equipment and supplies. Help us make the movie by buying the stuff you planned on buying anyway by CLICKING THIS LINK before you shop on Amazon. THANK YOU for your support.

Other Ways to Help

A crowdfunding campaign will be launched in the near future with some great perks for everyone who donates to our film. Updates will be listed on this website as well as in our Facebook Group. One of the best ways to show your support for Independent Films is to tell your friends about the project and invite them to visit this site, join our Facebook Group and send out tweets to help us spread the word.


Contact Us

If you would like to join the Cast & Crew, please Contact Us and THANK YOU for your continued support.


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