The Cast

Dead Hunt movie posterDEAD HUNT will be filmed entirely on Cape Breton Island (Nova Scotia, Canada) in the town of Glace Bay and on 200 acres of private property in Loch Lomond.

We will begin filming in early July, 2016.  In May we will be begin sending out casting calls to local actors and everyone who has contacted us for a role.

People from Toronto, Texas, Wyoming and California have already contacted us in regards to auditions. I’m delighted and humbled that the interest in our movie has been so far-reaching, but unfortunately we will not be able to provide travel and accommodations. That being said, anyone who will be in Cape Breton during the summer is more than welcome to audition.


DEAD HUNT is a micro-budget, indie film that is relying on volunteer cast a crew members to help us keep production costs at a minimum.


Please note that a few roles have already been filled – see our WIKI PAGE for more details. If you’re interested in auditioning for a speaking role please Contact Us. Descriptions of the individual characters will be added to the Wiki pages during future updates.


We will be needing a couple dozen adults, teens and children to play various background characters in non-speaking roles and to appear as zombies. If you’re interested in appearing on-camera as an extra and/or zombie, please Contact Us.

Get involved and help us make Dead Hunt

We’ll be launching a Kickstarter with really cool perks. In the meantime, if you’re shopping on, please click this link first and we’ll receive a small commission that’ll go directly towards purchasing additional equipment for the movie. Clicking this link doesn’t cost you anything and the price of what you’re buying will not change, but you’ll be helping us make the movie. On behalf of everyone at Dead Hunt, THANK YOU for your support.

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