About Dead Hunt

DEAD HUNT is the story of six friends on a weekend camping trip that takes a horrifying turn when they are thrust into the heart of a pandemic, and an inconsolable scientist who cannot accept the death of his little girl. Distraught with grief, he unknowingly releases a pathogen that does more than just kill – it brings the infected back with a ravenous appetite for living flesh. The lines between friendship and survival get blurred when the dead are hungry… and the dead hunt.

“Everyone makes mistakes. Some are small, some are bigger. My father’s mistake, born of an innocent heart and fueled by sadness, was the greatest mistake. Some thought the death of his little girl drove him to the point of insanity; some thought he was trying to be God. But, this is not how it happened. The truth is, he wanted to save me. To give me life. And in doing so, everyone was doomed.” ~ Excerpt from DEAD HUNT.

The audio book version of DEAD HUNT was downloaded more than 88,000 times in the first four months of its debut. Today it averages over 1,300 monthly downloaded episodes.


Picture of Kenn CrawfordAbout Kenn Crawford

Hi, I am a songwriter and author from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. I founded the Home Recording group in 1999 and by 2004 I was writing a weekly newspaper column on songwriting and recording.

The print and audio book versions of DEAD HUNT debuted in 2010, and I wrote a comedy book titled: THE SAGA OF BAYOU BILLY. I am probably best known for helping authors create professional sounding audio books.

I have 3 children, 5 grandchildren and another grandchild on the way. When I am not writing I enjoy pursuing my other passion, photography.

Some not-so-useful Trivia: I got my start in the entertainment business doing puppetry and ventriloquism… and I still have all my puppets.


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